Latest Vintage Arrives Early

I ain’t got time to think about the weather, or how long it might last. ....Too busy thinking about my baby, and I ain’t got time for nothing else.
— Marvin Gaye

Everyone wants to talk about this winter and how cold and nasty it was.  Was it?  We didn't notice.  We were a little preoccupied with the arrival of Gwen Renee Herman, Keith and Amanda's new baby and our first grandchild.  She arrived two weeks early on February 1st in order to  better enjoy Valentines Day, which was her original due date.  Our other nice surprise this winter was the gold medal we received at the San Francisco Chronicle wine competition in January for our Reserve Syrah.  We were the only gold medal winner in this Syrah category that wasn't from the west coast, so that's pretty cool.  Kind of the second big deal to happen this winter.  The tasting room opens March 1st, so spring must be just around the proverbial corner.  We have a lot of wines to bottle.  Still have a lot of snow to shovel.  Grapes to trim. But being around Gwen reminds us how important it is to get a good nap once in a while.  She puts everything in its proper perspective.  What an amazing winter!