Marquette Comeback

 "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now"

--My Back Pages,  Bob Dylan



For all you old Warriors out there, time to ring out a hoya!  We have officially released our 2013 Marquette. In fact, we received a silver medal for it at the International Taster's Guild Competition two weeks ago.  Pretty impressive for a dry red just harvested last fall and bottled a couple weeks prior to the competition.  Marquette is a great new grape variety just released seven years ago. Being an alumni (the untucked class of '77) I was compelled to plant a small block.  Keith has done a wonderful job in the cellar handling the mix of extremely high sugars and high acids in the grapes at harvest.  It has a little Pinot Noir in its DNA and we add a splash of our Pinot Noir to it for good measure.  It's a team of destiny. A dark, complex wine with a hint of Bing cherry in the finish.  Summa Cum Laude!