"I can see clearly now, the rain is gone..."

                                                          Johnny Nash


Summer is finally, officially here.  Winter is now a distant memory and nature is trying to act like it never happened.  So are we.  We have been busy bottling the 2012 reds.  Trying to get caught up before we start cherry harvest and summer gets away from us.  Nice crop of cherries.  OK crop of peaches.  Half a crop of grapes; but not to worry.  We have a healthy supply in the bottle and several varieties are looking good. Like mom always said, "Watch the donut, not the hole."  That, followed by, "Clean up all those donut crumbs, Joe!  You're such a slob!"  But I digest.  The vineyard in the photo is our cabernet sauvignon on the home farm.  What you don't see is the other end of the vineyard which is froze to the ground. This will be one of those years when the farm will have a heck of a time staying out of the hole.  But the wildflowers are beautiful and the sun is shining and we do have at least a partial crop. Some vineyards won't even have that.  The new wines are tasting fantastic, and traffic at the tasting room is great and things can only get nicer from here on out.  We did win that gold medal in San Francisco this year.  Let's not forget about that!  And then there's grandbaby Gwen!  How could life get any better?  I think about mom and the donuts a lot.  I often close my eyes and meditate, "see the donut, be the donut, become one with the donut."  Mmmmmmm.  I feel better already.  

"It's gonna be a bright, bright sun-shiny day!"