Silver linings!

2019. Annus Mirabilis

With New Year’s resolutions we always set the bar too high. Struggle for a week or two then say, “Why even try?” The more you think about it, it really does make sense.  Subconsciously we all can see the dire consequence. Give up burgers, eat a salad.  Exactly where does that get us? You DO realize a brat and fries are safer than romaine lettuce! Sure, we could lose ten or twenty pounds, but is that the smart thing to do? If you get sick or lost in the woods they’re worth an extra week or two! Let’s say I exercise too much. Now I need a new knee.  Joint rejection; staff infection; BOOM! That’s the end of me! Could pledge to imbibe a little less. Drink water when we can.  But alcohol, if you’ll recall, is the best germ killer known to man! Might promise to be calmer. Join the meditation movement. But it’s said a wise man should strive to leave some room for self improvement.  Let’s all agree that stay the course is the logical way to go.   So raise a glass and resolve this year to maintain the status quo! 

Found out this week that we were awarded two silver medals for dry reds at The San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. Our 2015 Syrah and 2016 Merlot took the honors. This is the largest competition in the country, and both wines were the only medal winners in their respective categories NOT from the West Coast! Pretty cool! Both vineyards are visible out the tasting room windows.

SFCWC-2019-Badge-Silver-500x500px copy.png