label frontspdf-3.png

We envision the wine label as our version of album art from the glory days of vinyl.  Every picture tells a story, don't it?  We grew up in the days when you would study the album cover and liner notes inside and out until the edges were frayed.  In fact, we never left those days.  My kids surprised me with a new turntable for my 50th and I've been adding a few new albums to my collection every year since.  Who knew vinyl would be hip again?  Some labels reference music.  Some reference place. The place may be Coloma, or perhaps just the place our mind was in when we needed to come up with a new label.  Either way, we are always as excited about the label as we are about the wine.  Our artist, Robin Maxon of St. Joseph, works with Sue and I around the computer to knock out multiple variations before we settle on one final version a few hours later. Be the change you wish to see in the world.  We want the world to be more colorful; be more peaceful; listen to more music; and drink more wine.  We are trying to do our part.  It may just take a lifetime.  Drink wine, live forever!